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ITEEA in a Box- a high-level look at ITEEA, its mission, its members,
and the importance of technology and engineering education to all students.

ITEEA - Preparing the Next Generation for What Lies Ahead
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STEM Literacy = 21st Century Skills
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The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is the professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators.  Our mission is to promote technological literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology and engineering and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits.  ITEEA strengthens the profession through leadership, professional development, membership services, publications, and classroom activities. See a Brief History of ITEEA.


ITEEA's mission is to advance technological capabilities for all people and to nurture and promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits.  ITEEA seeks to meet the professional needs and interests of members as well as to improve public understanding of technology, innovation, design, and engineering education and its contributions.

ITEEA represents more than 35,000 secondary technology and engineering educators in the U.S. alone who are developers, administrators, and university personnel in the field representing all levels of education.  ITEEA corporate members are comprised of leading technology companies.

ITEEA conducts various professional development programs and holds an Annual Conference in the United States—the largest technology and engineering education showcase of exhibits and educational sessions in the world.  ITEEA collaborates with its sister associations from around the world in international conferences hosted in selected countries.

ITEEA publishes Technology and Engineering Teacher, Children's Technology and Engineering, the Journal of Technology Education, STEM Connections, and a variety of other publications that lead the profession by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and networking opportunities.

ITEEA has numerous committees, task forces, and boards that coordinate all aspects of technology and engineering education and sponsor dozens of meetings, conferences, and exhibits each year.

ITEEA sponsors an active honors and awards program that recognizes outstanding teachers, and programs (K-12) from states, provinces, and countries that are affiliated with the Association.  ITEEA also presents award certificates and supports other programs that recognize outstanding efforts in the technology and engineering teaching profession.

ITEEA conducts a vigorous public policy program frequently providing information to government, agencies, associations, and other special interest groups concerning technology and engineering education.  The Association strives to provide concerned publics with an understanding of the importance of technological literacy through technology, innovation, design, and engineering education to the future growth and well-being of all nations.


Technology is Human Innovation in Action! Technology: An Educational Imperative
(Technology Education Advocacy Brochure)

ITEEA is a professional association for technology and engineering education teachers who teach a curriculum called "technology education" which is problem-based learning utilizing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles.Technology and engineering studies involve:

  • Designing, developing, and utilizing technological systems
  • Open-ended, problem-based design activities
  • Cognitive, manipulative, and effective learning strategies
  • Applying technological knowledge and processes to real world experiences using up-to-date resources
  • Working individually as well as in a team to solve problems


Integrative STEM Education is the application of technological/engineering design-based approaches to intentionally teach content and practices of science and mathematics concurrently with content and practices of technology/engineering education. Integrative STEM Education is equally applicable at the natural intersections of learning within the continuum of content areas, educational environments, and academic levels.

The above definition is courtesy of:
Jeremy Ernst, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech’s I-STEM ED Department
Mark Sanders, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech
John Wells, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech’s I-STEM ED Department

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