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User Site Agreement
(Please read in full and indicate below that you agree to proceed to the Idaho EbD access page.)


Idaho Educator Use Only

  1. This site and its contents are for the exclusive use of ITEEA Consortium member states. Idaho is a member of the ITEEA Consortium. Use in non-consortium states, even for educational purposes, is prohibited and is a violation of copyright law. This crime may be punishable by severe fines and/or jail terms.
  2. The user name and password information for this site are for the sole use of representatives in the participating ITEEA Consortium state. In the event that direct access to this site may have been obtained by someone out side of Idaho, ITEEA will be notified so that the user name/password may be changed.

Limited Distribution Agreement

  1. Users are bound by copyright law to make the contents of the site available only to representatives of Idaho. The limited distribution agreement provides for contents to be duplicated by teachers for use in Idaho providing that all ITEEA copyright notifications appear on every page. Distribution outside of Idaho is a copyright violation, and this crime may be punishable by severe fines and/or jail terms.

Copyright Law

  1. All users are bound by copyright law. At minimum, failure to abide by copyright law will result in a suspension of access at the sole discretion of ITEEA. Additionally, violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and such crimes may be punishable by severe fines and/or jail terms.


  1. No alterations of the materials are permitted, except limited alteration of cover materials for some of the guides. “Some” reflects differences for each state. For a complete understanding of allowable cover alterations in Idaho, users should consult ITEEA or their Idaho ITEEA Consortium representative.

Risk, Access, Indemnity, and Liability

  1. ITEEA assumes no responsibility for risk. Use of the website is at your sole risk.
  2. ITEEA provides no guarantees for access. While reasonable efforts are made to ensure that the website is available, interruptions can and will occur.
  3. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless ITEEA and its representatives from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, proceedings, liabilities, judgments, losses, damages, expenses, and costs (including attorney’s fees) associated, directly or indirectly, with your use of this site and the products herein, including without limitation any claims made by third parties.
  4. There is no liability of any kind implied with use of this website. ITEEA assumes no responsibility for your use of this website or the products herein.

Additional License Agreement Issues

  1. All other terms and conditions in the state License Agreement apply. For a complete understanding of the state license agreement, users should consult the Idaho ITEEA Consortium representative or ITEEA.

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