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Early Career Leadership and Professional Development Initiative:
Twenty-first Century Leadership Academy


2011 - 2012 Twenty-first Century Leadership Academy Cohort

Raymond DixonRaymond Dixon
University of Idaho

Raymond Dixon is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, University of Idaho. He teaches engineering and technology education in the CTE program. Before joining the University of Idaho he was a Research Associate at the Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (CeMaST), Illinois State University. He earned his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Human Research Education with an emphasis in Engineering and Technology Education. He also has a Master of Science in Technology from the Illinois State University and a Bachelors of Education in Industrial Technology from the University of Technology, Jamaica. He has taught in high school, worked in industry, and served at various levels in education ranging from instructor and head of department, to deputy manager, and technical coordinator. He was awarded Instructor of the Year for the National Tool and Engineering Institute in 2000 by the National Training Agency of Jamaica, and lectured for three years at the School of Technical and Vocational Education, University of Technology, Jamaica. Raymond is also a Fellow of the National Center for Engineering and Technology Education (NCETE).

Kelly SchurrKelly Schurr
Virginia Tech

Kelly Schurr is currently a PhD student in the Integrative STEM Education program at Virginia Tech.  Kelly earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University at Buffalo (UB).  She later received a Master of Science degree in Technology Education from Buffalo State College, where she worked in the Engineers of the Future program and taught a Biotechnology course.  Her experiences also include coordinating the 2010 Buffalo Public Schools Summer STEM Program at UB, and teaching high school technology at Starpoint Central School District in Lockport, New York.  Her research interests focus on bridging the gap between theory and practice.  She hopes to implement design-based K-12 integrative STEM curricula, establish collaborative teaching communities, and provide evidence that technology education can improve student learning and enhance the core disciplines.

Elizabeth GalloElizabeth Gallo
Great Neck North Middle School
Great Neck, NY

Liz Gallo is a technology teacher at Great Neck North Middle School on Long Island, NY. She teaches technology education to students in Seventh and Eighth grade. Liz is a passionate STEM educator who is always showing students how to apply the knowledge of math and science to practical technology skills. She understands the need to teach students to be innovative, creative, problem solvers and team players, she knows that technology education is the vehicle to developing these skills in our students. Liz did her student teaching at the International School of Zagreb in Croatia in a second grade class. Liz has a Bachelors degree from The College of New Jersey in Math, Science, Technology Elementary Education. Also, she has a Masters degree from Hofstra University in Math, Science, Technology Elementary Education. She plans to begin a doctorate program in the near the future.

Todd FantzTodd Fantz
Old Dominion University

Todd Fantz is an Assistant Professor of Technology Education in the Department of STEM Education & Professional Studies at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.  He teaches courses in Design, Electricity and Electronics, Manufacturing, and Construction to pre-service technology teachers and Industrial Technology students.  Todd received his PhD from Colorado State University in Engineering Education in May, 2009.  His primary research interests involve the effectiveness of K-12 engineering and technology outreach programs to promote and prepare students to study engineering and technology subjects.  Todd’s work is informed by his past experiences working as a structural engineer and a secondary science teacher. 

Geoffrey A. WrightGeoffrey A. Wright
Brigham Young University

Geoffrey A. Wright is a professor of Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) in the School of Technology of the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering at Brigham Young University (BYU), Provo, Utah. Dr. Wright currently serves as the advisor and coordinator of the TEE TECA chapter, and is the coordinator of the Innovation Lab at BYU. Before joining BYU, Dr. Wright taught several years as a computer and technology educator in California and Utah. At BYU his teaching includes courses in graphics, programming, innovation, manufacturing, and pedagogy. His research interests include: technological literacy, programming and mathematical self-efficacy, multimedia pedagogy, innovation and creativity instruction and assessment, and technology engineering integration in third world countries. Dr. Wright was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is married and has three children. 

Terrie RustTerrie Rust
Washington, DC

Terrie Rust is a former junior high Technology Education teacher from Arizona, having taught Technology Education for 18 years. She spent a year as an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow in Washington, DC, serving at the National Science Foundation in the Directorate of Education and Human Resources. She is currently the Director of Academics for Creya Learning, an informal learning center in Hyderabad, India, which offers STEM courses in after-school, in-school, and summer camp programs. Terrie served for 7 years on ITEEA’s TTT/TET Editorial Review Board, served 5 years as the Arizona Affiliate Representative, is an active participant on IdeaGarden, and received her DTE at the 2011 ITEEA Convention. She has received the Teacher Excellence and Program Excellence Awards from ITEEA, and many awards from ACTEaz, ATIEA (the AZ ITEEA affiliate), and Arizona Professional Educators. Terrie holds MA and M.Ed. degrees.

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