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Optional memberships in any or all of the following councils are available to ITEEA individual members (You must be an ITEEA member to join councils). A council membership runs concurrently with an ITEEA membership.

CTETE Council on Technology & Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE) provides leadership to colleges/universities in the areas of standards, research, and professional interests related to higher education. See information on the 21st Century Leaders Associate Program. Press release on the CTTE/CTETE name change.
Council for Supervision and Leadership (CSL) provides leadership to technology education coordinators, assists in curriculum development, promotes model programs, and provides teacher inservice. Dues include forum discussions, a newsletter, and other publications on supervision and administration.
Children Council of ITEEA (CC of ITEEA) promotes technology education in the elementary school by supporting teachers with instructional materials and inservice monographs, workshops and technology activity curriculum packages. Dues include a subscription to Children's Technology and Engineering. See a list of the CC Council Officers. Follow CC on Facebook.
Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA) (formerly TECA) consists of undergraduate student organization chapters and individual memberships. By joining ITEEA, student members are automatically members of TEECA at no additional charge. ITEEA's 77th Annual Conference Highlights Video. Courtesy of TEECA and BYU

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