STEM Connections

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STEM Connections is packed with association news as well as information pertaining to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. STEM Connections is a FREE! cutting-edge electronic newsletter. Please feel free to share STEM Connections with your colleagues.

STEM Connections highlights the importance of all aspects of a STEM Education for all students. ITEEA believes that schools must include technology and engineering education in order to fully prepare today's students for the 21st Century workplace. 

STEM Connections is a free service of ITEEA in an effort to support educators from around the world who share the belief that technological literacy is a critical component of an education in today's world.

STEM Connections regularly brings you timely information pertaining to professional development, assistance with marketing your program, information about legislative efforts, networking opportunities, and MUCH more!                 

For more information, contact Katie de la Paz at or (703) 860-3868.