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These items were shared by IdeaGarden subscribers with members of the listserve. They are not copyrighted and are free to use. Some are Word files and some are PDF files that require Adobe Reader to view. The PowerPoint presentations require PowerPoint to view. Right click on the links and save to your hard drive.

Teaching Beginning Transportation on a $500 Budget

Texas Safety Guide

Technology Education Websites

Beginning Sketching

Wireless Communication Terms
Crossword Puzzle

Wireless Communication Terms
Crossword Puzzle Key

Wireless Communication Terms
Wireless Communication Terms Key

Transport People and Cargo Word Find

Air Transportation Word Find

Manufacturing Word Find

Measurement Word Find

Transportation Engines and Ships Word Find

Trasportation Vehicles Word Find

Beginning Design Crossword Puzzle
Beginning Design Crossword Puzzle Answer Sheet

Beginning Design Word Find
Beginning Design Word Find Answer Sheet

PDFpad - download and print the high quality documents you need, such as calendars, flags, graph paper, smith chart, staff paper, storyboards, sudoku.

Measuring Lessons (PDF)

Jeopardy Presentation (PPT)

Functions of an Advisory Committee (Word)

Teach Space Brochure (PDF)

DNA Extraction Made Easy (RTF)

Successful Strategies for Connecting with Kids (Word)

Simple Machines (Word)

Syringe Cranes Picture (JPG)

Web Quest Presentation (PDF)

Making Games for Teachers in Iraq (Word)
Picture of Games (JPG)

Great Inventions (Word)

Focus Ad (PDF)

Joggle Bench (JPG)
Joggle Board (JPG)

Superintendant's Letter (PDF)

SA Satellites (Word)

8th Grade Plan (Word)

Request for MDCD Tech Ed Rep Replacement (Word)

Call for CTTE Research Presentations (PDF)

Tech of Shrek Worksheet (Word)

Artificial Hand (JPG)

Project Lead the Way Presentation (PDF)

Junior Skills Challenge (Word)

Supbart 1-State and Local Technology Grants (Word)

Metric System Persuasive Letter (Word)

Women in MST Resources (Word

NSF Projects in Tech Lit (Word)

Why Engineering? (PPT)

Educational vs Technology (PDF)

ERC Overview (Word)

Tech Ed Facility Draft (Word)


Special Math Science Program (Word)

TECC 2004 Conference Program (PDF

Invention Video Worksheets (Word)
Invention Video 1A
Invention Video 1B
Invention Video 2A
Invention Video 2B
Invention Video 3A

Tech Ed Bingo Card (Word)
Bingo Word List (Word)

Crash Car Assignment (Word)
Crash Car (Word)
Humpty (Word)

Current Research in Technology Education (RTF)

Legislative Seminar (PDF)

Windtunnel Plans (PDF)

Resistor Code Practice

Balsa Tower Structure Testing (Excel)

Balsa Tower Expense Sheet (Excel)

Grant Writing Sample (Word)

Moving Circles Illusion (Word)

Wall Construction Crossword Puzzle (PDF)

Wall Construction Crossword Puzzle Answers (PDF)

Problem Solving Cookbook (PDF)

PTE Safety Practices (PDF)

Sample School Newsletter (Word)

Sample of a District Safety Plan

Measuring Lesson Plan for 7th Grade

Measurement Lessons

Sample Research Project Proposal (PDF)

Research Committee RFPs for 2004 (PDF)

HotDogCooker (JPG)

Rubric-Structures (Word)

New Ideas and Change (Word)

Website Resources (Word)

Characteristics of Cleaner American Fuels (Word)

CrystalRadio_cwk (PDF)

Current Research in Technology Education (Word)

Bridge Tester1 (JPG)
Bridge Tester2 (JPG)
Bridge Tester3 (JPG)
Bridge Tester4 (JPG)
Bridge Tester5 (JPG)

Updating/Changing Course Projects (Word)

Design Activity Portfolio (Word)

Unified Elementary School Membership (Word)

An Educational Companion for SimCity3000 (ZIP)

Crash Car Guidelines (Word)

9th and 10th Schedule Table (Word)

11th and 12th Schedule Table (Word)

About Career and Technical Education Funding (Word)

PreEngineering Info Sheet (Word)

Tempering Color Chart (Word)

Using Advisory Committees (PDF)

Basic Shell Design Folio (Word)

ChildrensEngineeringConvention (PDF)

DebateEssays.doc (Word)
DebateEvaluation.doc (Word)
DebateInformation.ppt (PowerPoint)

Computer Ethics (Word)
Computer Ethics (PDF)

Power & Energy Fluid Power (Word)
Power & Energy Fluid Power (PDF)

Technological Debates Unit

Lesson Plan Template (Word)
Blank Lesson Template (PDF)
Sample Lesson Template (PDF)

TV Day Lesson Plan (Word)

Planning a Trip (PDF)

Rube Goldberg Challenge (Word)

Surfing the Net (Word)

Safety Glasses (PDF)

TE, Not Just a Guy Thing (Word)
Tech Ed T-Shirt (JPG)
Tech Ed T-Shirt 2 (JPG)

USA Today 10.01.02 (PDF)

Word Search - Control (PDF)
Word Search - Electrical (PDF)
Word Search - Guidance (PDF)
Word Search - Propulsion (PDF)
Word Search - Structure (PDF)
Word Search - Support (PDF)
Word Search - Suspension (PDF)

Air Rocket Activity (Word)

How to Get Credit for Tech Ed Courses (Word)

Organic Robot Activity (PDF)

Paper Car Activity (Word)

Instructions for Paper Rocket (Word) (See PowerPoint below)

Paper Rocket Launcher (PowerPoint)

Rubber Band Car Activity (Word)

Boat Design Unit (Word)

Mouse Trap Boat (Word)

Communication/Design Middle
School Unit


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