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    All currently available EbD™ curriculum materials can be purchased via the ITEEA PUBLICATIONS E-STORE.


Is your laboratory-classroom the best it can be? These ITEEA publications can help...


ITEEA publishes a variety of publications that lead the technology and engineering education profession by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and networking opportunities, including:

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  • Member price: 19.00
    Non-Member price: 22.00

    Books to Briefs has long been a popular feature in ITEEA’s Children’s Technology and Engineering journal. Educator authors begin with children’s books and make clear connections to technology and engineering elementary curriculum through ...

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  • Member price: 45.00
    Non-Member price: 50.00

    Exploring Technology, Standard Edition
    A Standards-Based Middle School Model Course Guide

    Focuses on core concepts of technology and various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation. Group and individual ...

  • Member price: 62.00
    Non-Member price: 74.00

    Foundations of Technology, Standard Edition - Grades 9-12
    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide

    Prepares students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that are the cornerstone for the high school technology ...