The Elementary STEM Journal

Winner of ASAE's Gold Circle Award for Most Improved Journal and produced electronically four times each school year, The Elementary STEM Journal (formerly Children's Technology and Engineering) is a dynamic, practical journal for anyone interested in technological literacy in Grades K-6. Redesigned to allow ITEEA to nearly double the amount of content to provide more hands-on activities. The Elementary STEM Journal is a theme-based journal. Article submissions are welcomed and can be sent to


ESJ - 25thAnnLogoVolume 25 (2020-2021 school year) will focus on STEL Core Disciplinary Standards 1-4:

25-1: STEL Core Disciplinary Standard 1: Nature and Characteristics of Technology and Engineering
25-2: STEL Core Disciplinary Standard 2: Core Concepts of Technology and Engineering
25-3: STEL Core Disciplinary Standard 3: Integration of Knowledge, Technologies, and Practices
25-4: STEL Core Disciplinary Standard 4: Impacts of Technology



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Volume 19, with a theme of "Habits of Mind," is now available for open viewing/sharing.

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