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Membership in ITEEA

Membership in ITEEA

Education professionals working together to bring technological and engineering literacy to ALL students.

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Membership Makes a Difference
ITEEA membership is open to all: classroom educators, teacher educators, students, groups, advocates, and organizations. ITEEA offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development, networking, and advocacy to bring our mission of technological and engineering literacy for ALL students to fruition. ITEEA leads the STEM Education field with the most up to date research, professional learning, curriculum, and assessment.
How does your ITEEA membership make a difference? In addition to the individual and group benefits you receive, memberships like yours have helped to:
Provide Leadership in the Field
Whether it ’s working collaboratively to update content standards for the profession, creating strategic partnerships inside and outside the field, or working on projects that will benefit technology and engineering teachers, ITEEA is at the forefront of efforts to move our mission forward.
Support the Future of T&E Education
ITEEA supports programs that make our children technologically literate; transfer industrial and corporate research into our schools; produce models of excellence in STEM through T&E teaching; create public awareness regarding the nature of T&E education; and help T&E teachers maintain a competitive edge.
Minneapolis logo smallProvide Professional Learning Opportunities
ITEEA conducts numerous professional learning opportunities including STEMinars, training and development programs and hosts the largest annual gathering of technology and engineering educators in the world.
Recognize Excellence in T&E Education
ITEEA sponsors an active honors and awards program that recognizes outstanding teachers, schools, and programs. ITEEA also presents award certificates and supports other programs that recognize outstanding efforts in the technology and engineering teaching profession.
Advocate for T&E Education
ITEEA conducts a vigorous public policy program frequently providing information to government agencies, associations, and other special interest groups concerning technology and engineering education.
...and MORE!
By joining ITEEA, you agree to adhere to ITEEA’s Code of Conduct