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Institutional Members (Group)

If your university would like to become an ITEEA Institutional Member please use the ITEEA MEMBERSHIP FORM or e-mail ITEEA for membership information.

Non-member universities may also be listed here for a fee. Thank you!

ITEEA Institutional Members receive the following special benefits:

  • A complimentary printed or electronic subscription (8 issues) to Technology and Engineering Teacher (TET), ITEEA’s flagship publication, delivered to your organization
  • A complimentary electronic subscription (4 issues) to Children's Technology and Engineering (CTE), for up to three members
  • Savings on exhibiting at the ITEEA Conference ($200 value)
  • $100 off ITEEA Annual Conference registration for ONE member
  • One complimentary student registration for ITEEA Conference 
  • FREE Institutional/Organizational listing in the April issue of Technology and Engineering Teacher
  • FREE position advertising on the Career Connection section of our web site
  • ITEEA publications, product and Engineering byDesign™ course and unit discounts
  • “Members Only” access to IdeaGarden, a teacher-to teacher discussion forum and ITEEA’s extensive online library that includes back-issued publications, standards documents, conference presentations, white papers and more

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