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I have had loads of support since my hiring at Lake Park High School three and a half years ago. 4 years ago the manufacturing lab that I teach in was nonexistent at Lake Park High School. I was not even teaching at Lake Park four years ago. During the summer of 2015 Lake Park added on to the school a 3000 square foot addition for manufacturing and engineering laboratories for high school students. The goal was to prepare students for manufacturing and engineering jobs in northern DuPage Co. This project was put together by the Assistant Principal Ian Smith, Department Chair Kevin Jones, Andy Rupnick and the CTE department, Board of Education Bob Marino, Mike Chester and the TMA, Principal John Gouriotis and our superintendent Lynn Pannega. Because of our efforts at Lake Park we now have had several students complete after school work programs, summer manufacturing jobs, internships and apprenticeships at many local companies in northern DuPage Co. Some of these students are becoming leaders at their companies and these students are taking on major responsibilities manufacturing parts for all industries and engineering fields. I have been challenged by all of these individuals who built this manufacturing department to do more and do better. as a result I have grown immensely and so has the program. As a team we have developed a lot at Lake Park, including a TMA Roundtable, Advisory Council, annual Job Fair, Robotics Club, and many local community connections. Since the program's inception the Lake Park Team developed a TMA roundtable for local Chicagoland manufacturing teachers. I have been able to share what I have developed at Lake Park and share my success with many other CTE teachers. Our plan is to continue, grow and build on our success at Lake Park High School. I WILL CONTINUE THE WORK WE HAVE STARTED AT LAKE PARK