Journal of Technology Education (JTE)

JTE is a refereed scholarly journal that provides a forum for discussion of technology and engineering education. Conceptual as well as research-based articles are published. JTE has transitioned to an online management system offered by Virginia Tech Publishing. Potential authors can resister and then submit manuscripts following the procedures found on the JTE Portal Page (


  • Release Date03/01/2021
    Release DateMarch 1, 2021
    From the Editors
    Jim Flowers & Mary Annette Rose

    4 Scaffolding Middle and High School Students’ Engineering Design Experiences: Quality Problem-SCOPEing Promoting Successful Solutions
    Andrew J. Hughes & Cameron D. Denson
    21 Conceptual Understanding in the Construction of a Technology Concept: A Case Study with Colombian Students
    Ruth Molina-Vásquez
    38 An Exploration of Augmented Reality in an Introductory Engineering Graphics Course
    Timothy Thornton & Matthew Lammi

    Book Reviews
    56 Grasp: The Science Transforming How We Learn
    Thomas R. Ryan
    60 The Impact of Technology Education: International Insights
    Charles H. McLaughlin, Jr.
  • Release Date09/01/2020
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2020
    From the Editors
    Mary Annette Rose & Jim Flowers
    5 Promoting Pre-service STEM Education Teachers’ Metacognitive Awareness: Professional Development Designed to Improve Teacher Metacognitive Awareness
    Andrew John Hughes & Eddie Partida
    21 Face-to-Face and Online Classes in a Technology Management Program: A Comparative Study
    Noemi Mendoza-Diaz, Bin Mai, Jessica Martinez, Sami Jabarkhail, & Deyanira Garcia
    35 Current and Future Trends and Issues Facing Technology and Engineering Education in the United States
    Johnny J. Moye, Philip A. Reed, Ray Wu-Rorrer, & Douglas Lecorchick
    50 Oral Communication in an Integrated STEM and Humanities First-Year Experience
    Derek Sherman, Tejasvi Parupudi, Nathan Mentzer, Amelia Chesley, Dawn Laux, & Sweta Baniya
  • Release Date03/01/2020
    Release DateMarch 1, 2020
    Selected Stakeholders’ Views on the Use of Tablets for University Learning: A South African Case Study
    Simon Christopher Fernandez & Kuttickattu John Mammen
    Peer-Prompted Engineering Design: How Do Adolescents Interact and Strategize?
    Kristin M. Strong, Oenardi Lawanto, & Amy Wilson-Lopez
    Endorsement of Career and Technical Education: Phenomena Influencing Core-Subject Teacher Perceptions
    Sheri Lynn Tucker & Andrew John Hughes
    Professionalism in Engineering Technology: A Study of Final Course Grades, Student Professionalism, Attendance, and Punctuality
    Jeffrey M. Ulmer
  • Release Date09/01/2019
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2019
    The Demise of Traditional Technology and Engineering Education Teacher Preparation Programs and a New Direction for the Profession
    Kenneth Volk
    Evidencing STEM Content Knowledge Transfer: Abstraction in Technological/Engineering Design Challenges
    Fred J. Figliano & John G. Wells
    STEM Leader Excellence: A Modified Delphi Study of Critical Skills, Competencies, and Qualities
    Mary Annette Rose, Rachel Louise Geesa, & Krista Stith
    Book Reviews
    The Leader’s Guide to Emotional Agility: How to Use Soft Skills to Get Hard Results
    M. Kathleen Ferguson
  • Release Date03/01/2019
    Release DateMarch 1, 2019
    Measuring Metacognitive Awareness: Applying Multiple, Triangulated, and Mixed-Methods Approaches for an Encompassing Measure of Metacognitive Awareness
    Andrew J. Hughes
    Task Affect and Task Understanding in Engineering Problem Solving
    Oenardi Lawanto, Angela Minichiello, Jacek Uziak, & Andreas Febrian
    A Comparison of the Types of Heuristics Used by Experts and Novices in Engineering Design Ideation
    Raymond A. Dixon & Jason Bucknor
    A Six-Course Meal for Technology of Design
    Chamila T. Subasinghe
    Teacher Preparedness: A Comparison of Alternatively and Traditionally Certified Technology and Engineering Education Teachers
    Bradley Bowen, Thomas Williams, Larry Napoleon, Jr., & Adam Marx
    Kindergarten Student’s Approaches to Resolving Open-Ended Design Tasks
    Scott R. Bartholomew, Cameron Moon, Emily Yoshikawa Ruesch, & Greg J. Strimel
    Book Review
    Robotics in STEM Education: Redesigning the Learning Experience
    Ragina Taylor
  • Release Date09/01/2018
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2018
    Positioning the T and E in STEM: A STL Analytical Content Review of Engineering and Technology Education Research
    Paul A. Asunda & Jenny Quintana
    Teaching Upcycling to Impact Environmental Attitudes
    Jim Flowers, Cale Rauch, & Alexander Wierzbicki
    Research Evidence of the Impact of Engineering Design on Technology and Engineering Education Students
    Jenny Daugherty, Raymond Dixon, & Chris Merrill
    The Impacts of Integrating Introductory Composition, Communication, and Design Thinking Courses
    Amelia Chesley, Michael W. Coots, Andrew Jackson, Sarah Knapp, Nathan Mentzer, & Dawn Laux
    Book Reviews
    STEM Leadership: How do I Create a STEM Culture in my School
    Carlotta Vaughn
  • Release Date03/01/2018
    Release DateMarch 1, 2018
    Don’t Ask Me Why: Preschool Teachers’ Knowledge in Technology as a Determinant of Leadership Behavior
    Anna Öqvist & Per Högström
    Effectiveness of Small-Group Learning Pedagogies in Engineering and Technology Education: A Meta-Analysis
    Sema A. Kalaian, Rafa M. Kasim, & Julia K. Nims
    A Comparative Analysis of Holographic, 3D-Printed, and Computer-Generated Models: Implications for Engineering Technology Students’ Spatial Visualization Ability
    Petros J. Katsioloudis & Mildred V. Jones
    Using Teaching Portfolios to Revise Curriculum and Explore Instructional Practices of Technology and Engineering Education Teachers
    Michal Lomask, David Crismond, & Michael Hacker
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrative STEM Education: Teacher and Administrator Professional Development
    William Havice, Pamela Havice, Chelsea Waugaman, & Kristin Walker
    Effectiveness of Drafting Models for Engineering Technology Students and Impacts on Spatial Visualization Ability: An Analysis and Consideration..
  • Release Date09/01/2017
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2017
    Relationships Between Access to Mobile Devices, Student Self-Directed Learning, and Achievement
    Scott R. Bartholomew, Ed Reeve, Raymond Veon, Wade Goodridge, Victor Lee, & Louis Nadelson
    Educational Complexity and Professional Development: Teachers’ Need for Metacognitive Awareness
    Andrew J. Hughes
    Examining the Teaching of Science and Technology and Engineering Content and Practices: An Instrument Modification Study
    Tyler S. Love, John G. Wells, & Kelly A. Parkes
    The MESA Study
    Cameron D. Denson
    Impact of Instructor Teaching Style and Content Course on Mathematics Anxiety of Preservice Teachers
    Suriza Van der Sandt and Steve O'Brien
    The Need, Development, and Validation of the Innovation Test Instrument
    Jacob Wheadon, Geoff A. Wright, Richard E. West, & Paul Skaggs
  • Release Date03/01/2017
    Release DateMarch 1, 2017
    Status of Elementary Teacher Development: Preparing Elementary Teachers to Deliver Technology and Engineering Experiences
    Mary Annette Rose, Vinson Carter, Josh Brown, and Steven Shumway
    Wanted For 21st Century Schools: Renaissance STEM Teacher Preferred
    Tyler Ames, Edward Reeve, Gary Stewardson, and Kimberly Lott
    Important Engineering and Technology Concepts and Skills for All High School Students in the United States: Comparing Perceptions of Engineering Educators and High School Teachers
    Michael Hacker and Moshe Barak
    Peer Evaluation of Team Member Effectiveness as a Formative Educational Intervention
    Nathan Mentzer, Dawn Laux, Angelika Zissimopoulos, and K. Andrew R. Richards
    Examining Elementary School Students’ Transfer of Learning Through Engineering Design Using Think-Aloud Protocol Analysis
    Todd Kelley and Euisuk Sung
  • Release Date09/01/2016
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2016
    Advancing Diagnostic Skills for Technology and Engineering Undergraduates: A Summary of the Validation Data
    W. Tad Foster, A. Mehran Shahhosseini, & George Maughan
    Use of Dynamic Visualizations for Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology, and Science Education Students: Implications on Ability to Correctly Create a Sectional View Sketch
    Petros Katsioloudis, Daniel Dickerson, Vukica Jovanovic, & Mildred V. Jones
    Engineering's Grand Challenges: Priorities and Integration Recommendations for Technology Education Curriculum Development
    Jennifer Buelin, Aaron C. Clark, & Jeremy V. Ernst
    Changes in Attitudes Toward Craft and Technology During the Last 20 Years
    Ossi Autio
    Book Review
    Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: America's Science and Technology Talent at the Crossroads
    Zenora Spellman
  • Release Date04/01/2016
    Release DateApril 1, 2016
    Efficacy of the Technological/Engineering Design Approach: Imposed Cognitive Demands Within Design-Based Biotechnology Instruction
    John G. Wells

    Positioning Technology and Engineering Education as a Key Force in STEM Education
    Greg Strimel & Michael E. Grubbs

    Problem Decomposition and Recomposition in Engineering Design: a Comparison of Design Behavior Between Professional Engineers, Engineering Seniors, and Engineering Freshmen
    Ting Song, Kurt Becker, John Gero, Scott DeBerard, Oenardi Lawanto & Edward Reeve

    Identifying Indicators Related to Constructs for Engineering Design Outcome
    Cheryl A. Wilhelmsen & Raymond A. Dixon

    Characterizing Design Cognition of High School Students: Initial Analyses Comparing those With and Without Pre-Engineering Experiences
    John Wells, Matthew Lammi, John Gero, Michael E. Grubbs, Marie Paretti & Christopher Williams
    Release Date06/01/2015
    Release DateJune 1, 2015

    From the Editor

    In the 26 volumes of the Journal of Technology Education, there has never been a special edition or third issue of an individual volume. It is with pleasure that JTE publishes this special edition, which focuses on two significant content analyses. Like all other articles that appear in JTE, these articles underwent blind review by members of the JTE Editorial Review Board...

    Release Date03/01/2015
    Release DateMarch 1, 2015

    • Identifying Characteristics of Technology and Engineering Teachers Striving for Excellence Using a Modified Delphi (Pg. 2)

      Mary Annette Rose, Steven Shumway, Vinson Carter, & Josh Brown 

    • Who Is Doing the Engineering, the Student or the Teacher? The Development and Use of a Rubric to Categorize Level of Design for the Elementary Classroom (Pg. 22)

      Louis S. Nadelson, Joshua Pfiester, Janet Callahan, & Patricia Pyke 

    • Examining Students’ Proportional Reasoning Strategy Levels as Evidence of the Impact of an Integrated LEGO Robotics and Mathematics Learning Experience (Pg. 46)

      Araceli Martínez Ortiz

    Release Date09/01/2014
    Release DateSeptember 1, 2014


    Exploring the Proposition of a Joint Conference Between State Science, and Technology and Engineering Education Associations Tyler S. Love & Thomas Loveland ​

    Identifying Perceptions That Contribute to the Development of Successful Project Lead the Way Pre-Engineering Programs in Utah Keith McMullin & Edward Reeve 

    Advancing STEM Career and Learning Through Civic Engagement Yichun Xie

    Technology and Engineering Education Accommodation Service Profile: An Ex Post Facto Research Design Jeremy V. Ernst & Thomas O. Williams Jr.

    Building a Framework for Engineering Design Experiences in High School Cameron D. Denson & Matthew Lammi

    A Comparative Analysis of Spatial Visualization Ability and Drafting Models for Industr