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The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is the professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators.  Our mission is to promote technological and engineering literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology and engineering and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits.  ITEEA strengthens the profession through leadership, professional development, membership services, publications, and classroom activities. See Who is ITEEA for a high-level look at ITEEA, its mission, its members, and the importance of technology and engineering education to all students.  See also a Brief History of ITEEA.


Technology is Human Innovation in Action! Technological and Engineering Literacy: An Educational Imperative
(Technological and Engineering Literacy Advocacy Brochure)

ITEEA is a professional association for technology and engineering education teachers who teach a curriculum called "technology education" which is problem-based learning utilizing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles.Technology and engineering studies involve:

  • Designing, developing, and utilizing technological systems
  • Open-ended, problem-based design activities
  • Cognitive, manipulative, and effective learning strategies
  • Applying technological knowledge and processes to real world experiences using up-to-date resources
  • Working individually as well as in a team to solve problems


Integrative STEM Education is operationally defined as "the application of technological/engineering design based pedagogical approaches to intentionally teach content and practices of science and mathematics education through the content and practices of technology/engineering education. Integrative STEM Education is equally applicable at the natural intersections of learning within the continuum of content areas, educational environments, and academic levels" (Wells & Ernst, 2012/2015 -- as adapted from Wells/Sanders program documents 2006-10). ITEEA is providing I-STEM Education resources to lead our profession and enable all educators to take the initiative in how Integrative STEM Education is defined and delivered in our K-12 school systems. This resource page includes a definition and primer for Integrative STEM Education. The goal is to operationalize “I-STEM” to provide examples that assist technology and engineering educators (and all others in the STEM field) to understand and implement engaging and dynamic instructional practices K-12 and beyond to benefit ALL students! Please go to the ITEEA I-STEM Education Resource pages for more information.