Maley Outstanding Undergraduate Student

DONALD MALEY SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE: Outstanding Undergraduate Student Citation DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 1st

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DEADLINE: December 1st

The Donald Maley Spirit of Excellence Outstanding Undergraduate Student Citation, named for Dr. Donald Maley, one of the profession's "Distinguished Fellows" and a founder of ITEEA's Foundation, recognizes excellence in undergraduate level scholarship and leadership potential.

Each Institutional Member may choose one outstanding undergraduate student from its program to be recognized at the ITEEA Annual Conference. The recognition ceremony is a feature of the Maley Spirit of Excellence Breakfast.

Requirements: Only ITEEA Institutional Member universities will be eligible to participate. Undergraduate students must be ITEEA members at the time their name is submitted and at the time of the award. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in the institution's undergraduate program at the time of nomination. Recipients are encouraged to attend the ITEEA conference. The Institutional Member will designate the student to be honored.

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Benefits to the Student

  1. A certificate that cites his/her excellence in undergraduate scholarship
  2. Recognition at an official ceremony
  3. Recognition from members of the profession (at institution, nationally, and internationally)
  4. Receives a complimentary FTEE Breakfast ticket
  5. Increases potential to have an annual conference experience

Benefits to Institutional Member

  1. Receives recognition through the student being honored
  2. Conference experience strengthens its students
  3. Allows institution to feature one of its top students
  4. Gains visibility with other potential students
  5. Creates goodwill between student and his/her institution
  6. Recognized at ceremony honoring its student
  7. Student is launched as a potential leader at an important time in his/her career