Micro-Badging Series Prices
ITEEA Member: $349
Non-Member: $499


Micro-badging is a hot topic in education! These bite-sized visual representations provide clear evidence that learners have acquired a specific skill and are sought after by employers. Micro-badges are portable, easy to consume, and easy to trust.

ITEEA's STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ is offering a micro-badging 10-hour professional learning series focusing on safety in the STEM classroom.

This course will be utilizing the book, Safer Engineering and CTE Instruction By Dr. Tyler S. Love and Kenneth R. Roy. This book details the ways to make modern CTE and Engineering classrooms safer using data supported ideas that can still leave plenty of opportunity for meaningful learning.


  • 20 Professional Learning Hours
  • Gain 2 potential graduate school credits at accredited St. Cloud State University (Course Number ETS615)
  • Annual discounted use of Engineering byDesign courseware for School Year 2023-2024.

WHO: STEM, CTE, Technology, and Engineering instructors looking to make their classrooms and teaching safer for students and others.

WHAT: Self-paced, asynchronous course reflecting the publicationSafer Engineering and CTE Instruction

WHERE: Delivered via Google Classroom with meetings available over Microsoft Teams (links within Classroom)

WHEN: Described in the Course Description below

WHY: Described in the Course Description below

HOW: Once registered you will be given the Google Classroom link with all the links to curriculum and meetings

Registration for the first sessions opens July 22, 2022 and can be completed any time after. 

2022-2023 Safety Micro-badging Schedule

The class is asynchronous. You can read and work at your convenience. The group discussion on the 21st is to go over the course and is required. If there is a conflict, please contact sweiler@iteea.org to make other arrangements.

Section 1: Introduction into Student Safety September 21st, 2022

The reasoning behind looking deeper into classroom safety. Teachers have the desire to make classrooms for learning and safety. We don’t always have the insight on how to maximize the safety. Office Hours/Mandatory Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual, make up permitted)

Section 2: Teacher and Student Responsibility October 19th, 2022

Developing understanding into who has responsibility. In you school and district, there can be significant finger point into who is responsible. This lesson breaks down the ultimate objectives of a safe and functioning classroom. Office Hours/Optional Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual)

Section 3: Accountability Breakdown November 16th, 2022

Seeing the big picture of what can go wrong supported by the data. Utilizing that data, your classroom can be changed meaningfully while maintaining the need for a productive learning environment. Office Hours/Optional Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual)

Section 4: Working on Safety December 21st, 2022

Develop meaningful strategies to build a safer classroom and practices. Once you have the needs met, how can you more back into the function of teaching? Office Hours/Optional Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual)

Section 5: The Final Result January 18th, 2023

Completing the mission of learning in effective means while showing how to be responsible. This review of the course as a whole brings back to your specific classroom and your specific needs in a classroom for teaching. Office Hours/Optional Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual)

Review/Completion: February 15th, 2023

Office Hours/Optional Group Discussion 5-6pm Eastern (Virtual)