Council for Supervision and Leadership (CSL)

CSL Membership

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Council for Supervision and Leadership (ITEEA-CSL) is a professional organization operating under ITEEA. The CSL represents leaders in Technology and Engineering education. This includes state and local school system administrators, school department chairs, professional association officers and any professional who wishes to gain a better understanding of how educational leadership is shaping a new generation of learners. For more information on membership, please see below.


The Council for Supervision and Leadership (CSL) provides leadership to technology and engineering education leaders, assists in curriculum development, promotes model programs, and provides professional development, and can assist with teacher in-service.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Opportunities for leaders such as teachers, coordinators, administrators, and state supervisors to network and assist each other
  • Promote model programs
  • Professional development opportunities designed for administrators and leaders during the year and at the ITEEA conference
  • Resources for developing leadership, programs, facilities and curriculum

Dues include forum discussions and other resources on supervision, administration, leadership, and program expectations. If you are interested in the CSL and would like additional information, please contact the CSL Membership Director.



HOW TO JOIN CSL ($20/year + ITEEA Membership)

If you are already an ITEEA member, simply sign in to your account and add an CSL membership to your shopping cart here.

If you are not an ITEEA member, JOIN the ITEEA and CSL TODAY so together we can build the next generation of educational leaders. Log into the site and click here to begin the ITEEA membership process. When you get to Step 2 "Options", simply add a one year CSL membership to your order.