Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA)

TEECA Membership

Preparing Professionals to Teach Technology and Engineering Principles

TEECA is for college students who are preparing for their future careers as public school technology and engineering education teachers. Participating in the competitive events is a learning opportunity for the college students to increase their experience, skills, and knowledge in areas including: teamwork; technical/design interests; problem solving; project management; and how to coach their future students in their design and problem solving teams.

The purpose of TEECA is to promote leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and a philosophical foundation for future technology and engineering teachers, through coordinated activities at the chapter, state, regional, and international level.

TEECA shall serve as a pre­professional organization providing opportunities to develop the professionalism of future technology and engineering educators through active participation in TSA, ITEEA, and TEECA proceedings. Click here to see the TEECA Bylaws.


HOW TO JOIN TEECA ($40/year for ITEEA and TEECA membership)

By becoming a Student Member of ITEEA, you will automatically become a member of TEECA. Log into the site and click here to begin the ITEEA membership process.