Gary Wynn
Gary Wynn
Technology Educator/Dept. Chair Greenfield-Central High School


It will be an honor to serve as ITEEA President for 2010-2011. Serving as part of the Indiana ITEEA Affiliate organization and the ITEEA Board of Directors has led to some of the major highlights of my professional career. I would recommend that each of you become involved in leading your association.

Through your involvement, you have the opportunity to share your gained knowledge with your students, community, and colleagues. Through the years my professional involvement has influenced my beliefs as a teacher and a leader locally and nationally. With this in mind, let me share some of those beliefs. I believe: In the power and promise of all students in my classroom. That ALL students should experience technology, innovation, design, and engineering as a part of their general education. That the uniqueness of our subject area to the entire school curriculum allows us the ability to teach about ingenuity and innovation in a way that no other subject even approaches. That as teachers we should never stop striving to be better. That we should design teaching and learning experiences for our students that surpass the teachers' knowledge.

That we must constantly promote, advocate, and demonstrate excellence in our programs in order for them to be considered a strong component in a student's educational experience. That we should consider the whole student in the development of his or her abilities. That our discipline is an essential component of a well-rounded STEM education. That student experiences through a K-12 technology and engineering education program can lead students into all kinds of career and workforce opportunities (including teaching) with infinite opportunities.

These beliefs are what I am about and describe my educational philosophy. I have a deep passion for our field and hope that you share that passion! I know that if we work together, we can make a difference in our country through the education of our next generation.