Previous Past Presidents

ITEEA is a nonprofit professional organization created in 1939 as the American Industrial Arts Association to support the study of the industrial arts in schools. That focus has shifted with the advancement of technology and the changing nature of industrial world to a mission of promoting technological literacy and innovation for all students through professionalism in the teaching and learning about technology and engineering. This focus has caused the association to be one of the prime players within the STEM education movement with primary interest in the “T & E” of STEM.

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1939-41 William E. Warner

1941-43 Louis V. Newkirk

1943-44 Everett J. McIntosh

1944-46 Paul E. Harrison

1946-47 Harold Palmer

1947-48 John A. Whitesel

1948-49 Walter Williams Jr.

1949-51 DeWitt Hunt

1951-53 Gordon O. Wilbur

1953-54 Fred J. Schmidt, Jr.

1954-55 Gerald Baysinger

1955-56 Burl N. Osburn

1957-58 Kenneth F. Perry

1958-59 Kermit A. Seefeld

1959-60 Ray Karnes

1960-61 Ivan Hostetler

1961-62 William J. Michaels

1962-63 William J. Wilkinson

1963-64 Walter C. Brown, DTE

1964-65 Robert S. Swanson

1966-67 Robert Woodward

1967-68 Ralph C. Bohn

1968-69 Delmar W. Olson

1969-70 George H. Ditlow

1970-71 Sherwin D. Powell

1971-72 Frederick D. Kagy

1972-73 Paul W. De Vore, DTE

1973-74 Joseph J. Littrell, DTE

1974-75 Donald F. Hackett

1975-76 Alvin E. Rudisill

1976-77 Lee D. Carter

1977-78 Billy Mayes, Sr.

1978-79 Willis E. Ray

1979-80 James E. Good, DTE

1980-81 Les Litherland, DTE

1981-82 C. Dale Lemons, DTE

1982-83 Ronald L. Foy, DTE

1983-84 Vaughn E. Croft

1984-85 William Dugger, Jr., DTE

1985-86 Thomas Hughes, Jr.

1986-87 W. David Greer, Jr., DTE

1987-88 M. James Bensen, DTE

1988-89 Jane M. Smink, DTE

1989-90 Richard P. Bray

1990-91 Donald P. Lauda, DTE

1991 Michael G. Mattson

1991-93 Steven W. Moorhead, DTE

1993-94 Daniel L. Householder, DTE

1994-95 William "Ed" Ball, DTE

1995-96 John Monroe, DTE

1996-97 R. Thomas Wright, DTE

1997-98 Thomas D'Apolito, DTE

1998-99 Ronald D. Yuill, DTE

1999-00 Anthony F. Gilbert