ITEEA Task Forces

ITEEA’s Task Forces are assigned a specific task to study and make recommendations to the ITEEA Board of Directors. Task Force members are recommended by the Immediate Past President, appointed by the President, and approved by the Board. ITEEA’s Task Forces vary year to year and are often aligned with the strategic plan.
ITEEA's current Task Forces include:

Develop a strategy for ITEEA to enhance its internal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices, policies, and training, and member/nonmember offerings including content, programming, and resources.

Review and select quality programming for ITEEA’s Annual Conference and coordinate with ITEEA staff on communication to presenters, scheduling, and logistics.

Create a three-year marketing plan to
raise awareness, increase understanding, and promote adoption of Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy: The Role of Technology and Engineering in STEM Education (STEL).

Create a plan for relaunching LinkEngineering as a valuable resource for STEM educators and ITEEA members and quantify ITEEA’s return on investment.

Build a collaborative council dedicated to the advancement of technological literacy at the Secondary level.