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May 15-17, 2020
(May 14-18, 2020)


ITEEA conducts a wide variety of professional development activities including an Annual Conference, an Awards and Scholarships program, Advocacy efforts, a variety of special Projects, and more.




ITEEA builds a community of STEM Education Leaders through face-to-face professional development, STEMinars, and an online learning community, all of which prepare educators to be Integrative STEM Education professions.


The annual ITEEA conference provides an unparalleled opportunity for technology and engineering educators to gain comprehensive professional development and networking experiences. Attendees choose from dozens of interest sessions, workshops, and social events. This is a unique opportunity to learn from and share with other technology and engineering STEM education professionals in a variety of formats. ITEEA also collaborates with like-minded organizations to further strengthen the voice of technology and engineering educators.


ITEEA has supported a rich history of Projects that were created to further the field of technology and engineering education and technological literacy. Examples include the REACH Challenge, Standards for Technological Literacy Revision, Learn Better by Doing Project, and Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education.


Stay current with the latest activities and events in the field of technology and engineering education with ITEEA’s STEM Education Calendar.


ITEEA sponsors an active honors and awards program that recognizes outstanding teachers and programs (K-12) from states, provinces, and countries affiliated with the Association. ITEEA also presents award certificates and supports other programs that recognize outstanding efforts in the technology and engineering teaching profession.


ITEEA Conducts a vigorous public policy program frequently providing information to government, agencies, associations, and other special interest groups concerning its overall goal of ITEEA’s overall goal is of supporting an infrastructure in K-16 education that ensures that ALL students are prepared to work and live in a global technological world.

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  • The Burke Supervision and Shared Leadership Scholarship is presented to an ITEEA practicing leader in the Technology and Engineering profession with supervisory responsibilities (PK-12 Building and Central Office, or Higher Education Administration responsibility).

  • Veterans who are currently enrolled as students pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree as a Technology and Engineering teacher are encouraged to apply. This program serves to honor those who have served our country and are now committed to serving/teaching our students.

  • TEECA Student Professional Development - The Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators (FTEE) announces the establishment of the Claussen/FTEE Scholarship. Through the generosity of donors, this scholarship is being created in memory of Larry Claussen, former technology teacher, TEECA advisor, mentor, and friend.

  • FTEE Scholarship for Undergraduate Major in Technology and Engineering Education - The Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators announces the availability of a $500 scholarship for an undergraduate student majoring in technology and engineering education teacher preparation. The award is based upon interest in teaching, academic ability and faculty recommendations.

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Supporting technology and engineering education requires the efforts of many organizations and individuals. Below are resources to use in support of technology and engineering education in our schools.

  • ITEEA’s Foundation (FTEE) supports programs that make our children technologically literate, transfer industrial and corporate research into our schools, produce models of excellence in STEM through Technology and Engineering teaching, create public awareness regarding the nature of ...

    Why is teaching technological literacy important for our students?

    A central role of an educational institution is to offer a curriculum that gives its students a basic understanding of the society in which they live. While our society is ...