Invention, Innovation, Inquiry

Project Status
September 08, 2016
I³ Project - Invention-Innovation-Inquiry
Units for Technological Literacy, Grades 5–6

The I³ Project, Invention-Innovation and Inquiry, was created to provide professional support for teachers interested in technological literacy in education particularly in elementary curriculum.

This project was supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation and is implemented by the INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION and California University of Pennsylvania.


"It's a great unit! The hands-on, along with the critical-thinking skills the students will develop, will be used in other areas. I hope to connect this unit with every aspect of their learning."
(Steve S., 6th grade teacher, East Hartford, CT)


I³ is short for Invention, Innovation, and Inquiry: Units for Technological Literacy, Grades 5–6, an ITEEA project funded by the National Science Foundation. This project is so named because invention and innovation are the hallmarks of technological thinking and action.  Each unit has standards-based content, suggested teaching approaches, and detailed learning activities including brainstorming, visualizing, testing, refining, and assessing technological designs. Students learn how inventions, innovations, and systems are created and how technology becomes part of people's lives.


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