Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education (AEEE)

In Progress
Project Status
April 16, 2020
Project Team Leader
Greg Strimel

The Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education (AEEE) project is an ongoing research venture to promote collaboration across the engineering and education community, to pursue a vision and direction for P-12 Engineering Education; and second, to develop a coherent and dynamic content framework for scaffolding the teaching and learning of engineering and design at the high school level. There has been considerable change in education, specifically in response to STEM education and the recent focus of engineering for the Next Generation Science Standards. Over the years, Technology Education has gone through reform, as well. Subsequently, the goal of the AEEE project is to afford selected leaders, concerned about technology education and engineering at the P-12 level, a platform to present their views on future directions for the field through a series of action-oriented symposia and conduct research on the learning of engineering within primary and secondary schools. 

Engineering Taxonomy and Progressions of Learning

The first research endeavor of the AEEE project was to establish a taxonomy for the secondary study of engineering. This research was initiated as a modified Delphi study which included experts from the engineering and engineering/technology education communities. The investigation focused on identifying and rating the core concepts and corresponding sub-concepts for both the technical and fundamental elements of engineering. The results of the study were then refined and validated by the 1st AEEE Symposium participants who later used the taxonomy to draft the Progressions of Learning in Engineering (PLiE). The Taxonometric Structure of Engineering Concepts and a sample Progression of Learning in Engineering. can found by clicking on the provided links. The 2nd AEEE symposium will focus on refining and validating the complete set of PLiEs and developing culturally-relevant engineering instructional vignettes and activities.

PARTICIPANTS - See a full, printable list of project Coordinators, Advisors, and Authors.