Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education (AEEE)

(2018) The 2nd Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education Symposium

The 2nd Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education Symposium:
Equity Through Engineering Curriculum & Pedagogy
Baltimore, MD – May 29th, 2018 – May 31st, 2018

The Advancing Excellence in P-12 Engineering Education (AEEE) Project and the 2nd AEEE Symposium seek to provide two powerful benefits: first, promote collaboration to pursue a vision/direction for P-12 Engineering Education; and second, the development of a coherent content framework for scaffolding the teaching of engineering and design at the high school level. The 2nd AEEE Symposium will specifically focus on the theme of Equity Through Engineering Curriculum & Pedagogy and build upon the resulting work from the 1st symposium which included a defined Taxonometric Structure of Engineering Concepts and Progressions of Learning in Engineering (PLiE) for secondary school programs.

During the 2nd AEEE symposium, participants will hear from national leaders in engineering education, industry, and curriculum development to serve as provocateurs as they work in breakout groups to review and refine the PLiEs and recommend culturally-relevant engineering instructional vignettes and activities.

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