Learning Better by Doing Research Project

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July 12, 2018


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  4. Use the information found in articles and presentations to help formulate your plan to convey the importance of technology and engineering education programs to education leaders

The Learn Better by Doing Study is a sampling of the extent to which U.S. public school elementary and secondary education science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students were doing standards based, hands-on activities in their classrooms. Separate elementary, middle, and high school survey instruments were created by using Standards for Technological Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards, and Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The instrument asked teachers if they assigned their students specific hands-on activities in their classrooms.

From 2014 to 2017 more than 5,900 K-12 STEM teachers participated in the study. The study found that technology and engineering students were doing more standards-based, hands-on activities than were science and mathematics students. The Learn Better by Doing Final Report identifies other findings that illustrate how technology and engineering courses support students’ academic success, college preparation, and career readiness.

The Learn Better by Doing Study was conducted by Dr. William E. Dugger, Dr. Kendall N. Starkweather, and Dr. Johnny Moye.