Learning Better by Doing Research Project

Recommended Uses

It is evident that students learn better by doing and that technology and engineering education programs prepare students for college, careers, and life. However, education leaders may not realize many of these benefits.

The Learn Better by Doing (LBbD) study identifies information you can use to promote your technology and engineering programs. Promotion is needed to gain knowledge, respect and additional support for your programs.

Promotion should occur at different levels of decision making and support. This page provides strategies to communicate the benefits of technology and engineering programs to decision makers at different levels and arenas of education and government. In addition to the information herein, your local and state technology and engineering education association should have additional promotional strategies.

Promotion Materials:

Below is a list of links to promotional materials you may use to discuss how students benefit from taking technology and engineering education courses. This information may be used at the local, state, and national levels of decision making and support.

  • Talking Points: This document provides specific talking points gleaned from the Learn Better by Doing Study Final Report. 
  • Technology and Engineering Education: A Valuable Resource Presentation: This presentation contains talking points, and supporting evidence, ready to use. View/download the PowerPoint presentation file or an easy to print and share PDF file with notes.
  • Benefits of Technology and Engineering Education: The LBbD Study Final Report identifies very specific findings. This “Benefits of Technology and Engineering Education” document provides a list of articles giving precise examples (evidence) of how teachers and students actually do what is identified in the Final Report. Once a “decision maker” is interested in hearing specifically how, for example, technology and engineering students learn by doing STEM activities, this resource will provide those (and many more) specifics.
  • Documents Advocating the Importance of Technology and Engineering: This page contains information that advocates the importance of technology and engineering education programs: 
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