Gerhard Salinger Award For Enhancing I-STEM Education Through Technological/Engineering Design-Based Instruction

DEADLINE: December 29th.

To apply, email completed nomination packet to Steve Shumway (

Nomination packets should be emailed as a single PDF file, with the subject line “Salinger Award Nomination.”


This award is presented annually to an individual or team of collaborators whose work has exemplified, promoted, investigated, and/or enhanced teaching and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through the effective application of technological / engineering design activity. The award was created in honor of Dr. Gerhard Salinger, program officer at the National Science Foundation from 1989 to 2014, whose work to promote the use of engineering design activity and whose advocacy for technology and engineering education has widely influenced STEM education. The award is open to classroom teachers, university educators, school administrators, and others whose contributions are consistent with the selection criteria. 

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be judged on the extent to which their work has exemplified, promoted, investigated, and/or enhanced teaching and learning in the STEM disciplines through: 

  1. Use of technological / engineering design-based instructional practices to effectively integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; or
  2. Contributions to the understanding of successful practices in technological/engineering design and their outcomes at the K-12 level.  

Selection Process

  • The award will be publicized via the ITEEA and its affiliate councils’ Web sites and listservs (CC, CSL, and CTETE). Notification of the call for nominations will also be sent to the Directors of related STEM organizations (e.g., ASEE, NCTM, NSTA, the Triangle Coalition).
  •  A call for nominations (including self-nominations) will be disseminated via these listservs/Web sites by no later than November 10th of each year.
  • TO APPLY: The nomination/application packet must include:
    • A cover page with the name, title, and full contact information for nominee(s).
    • A description (600 words maximum) of the nominee’s contributions as they relate to the selection criteria. In addition, nominators are encouraged to submit supporting evidence (e.g., links to publications, samples of work, digital images or short video clips, and so on) that will assist the selection committee in judging the work. Supporting documentation should not exceed 25 pages.
  • The President of CTETE will be responsible for soliciting and collecting applications. The selection committee will consist of two representatives from the CTETE Executive Committee; one representative each from the ITEEA Board, the CC, and CSL Executive Committees; and (when possible) a prior recipient of the award. Selection will be by majority vote; when necessary, the CTETE President will break a tie vote.
  • The recipient of the Salinger Award will be announced at the annual ITEEA conference. The awardee will be notified in advance so that arrangements can be made for the recipient to receive the award in person. 

Venue for Presentation

Award will be presented at ITEEA's Annual Conference.