Thomas Bell
Thomas P. Bell
Associate Professor Millersville University


Welcome to the International Technology and Engineering Educators (ITEEA) website. You have clicked on a website designed for providing information and resources to the members of ITEEA. ITEEA is the professional association and leading advocate for the study of technology and engineering. It represents the 35,000 technology and engineering teachers, university professors, curriculum writers, and supervisors, who advocate the need for technological literacy.

Technological literacy addresses the need for everyone to be able to use, understand, manage, and assess technology. This is achieved through the hands-on study of communications and information technology, manufacturing and construction technology, energy, power and transportation technology, and bio-technology. It emphasizes the need for greater understanding in design, innovation and engineering. Please feel free to look around the website. You’ll find a vast array of publications, curriculum materials, and information as well as material related to state, national, and international association activities. We represent the T and E in STEM and encourage our science and math colleagues to join our ranks.

The integrative and interdisciplinary nature of the STEM initiative provides schools with the best education for their students. Please feel free to contact me or our main office in Reston, VA for more information. Plan now for attending our conference in Long Beach California next March 15-17, 2012. We look forward to your membership and participation in our association. See you in Long Beach.