William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award


The William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award in Technology and Engineering Education has been created to acknowledge the life’s work of Dr. William E. (Bill) Dugger, Jr. Dr. Dugger’s noteworthy collaboration with classroom teachers, teacher educators, professional association leaders, school administrators, and policy makers affords him a place of respect earned by very few within the Technology and Engineering Education profession.

This award is to be presented annually to an individual or team making a significant contribution to Technology and Engineering Education through collaboration. Special weight will be given to those whose efforts have been significantly influenced through direct collaboration with Dr. Dugger or one of Dr. Dugger’s collaborators. This award is open to Pre-K through university educators, administrators, and others who are ITEEA members and whose contributions are consistent with the selection criteria.

For almost 60 years, with grace, modesty, and dignity, Dr. Dugger guided the development of landmark standards documents, conducted periodic Status of Technology and Engineering Education studies, and toward the end of his long and productive career, conducted a five-year Learn Better by Doing study. He served as President of our professional association the year it changed its name from the American Industrial Arts Association to the International Technology Education Association (1984-85). He also served as the Phi Delta Kappa International Board of Directors District VIII representative from 1992–1998 and as an Emeritus Professor of the College of Human Resources and Education at Virginia Tech. He was the ITEEA Senior Fellow from 2005–2018.

Selection Criteria

Nominees will be judged on the strength and effectiveness of their collaborative efforts and how the collaboration has exemplified, promoted, investigated, and/or enhanced teaching and learning in Technology and Engineering Education. Special consideration will be given to those nominees who can demonstrative that their collaborative work came as a result of interaction with Dr. Dugger, or with one or more of Dr. Dugger’s collaborators. Collaborative work can be demonstrated through research on teaching and learning, curriculum and instructional development, teacher enhancement, development of improved pedagogical practices, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and/or promotion of the affordances of Technology and Engineering Education to broad audiences within or external to the field.

Selection Process

  • The award will be publicized via ITEEA and its affiliate councils’ websites and listservs. Notification of the call for nominations will also be sent to the directors of STEM education-related organizations (e.g., ASEE, NCTM, NSTA, TSA, ACTE, EPT, Etc.).
  • A call for nominations (including self-nominations) will be disseminated via these listservs/websites by no later than September 15th of each year. All submissions must be received by December 1st of each year.
  • Each nomination must include:
    • Name, title, and full contact information for the nominator and nominee.
    • A description (600 words maximum) of the nominee’s contributions as they relate to the selection criteria. In addition, nominators are encouraged to submit supporting evidence (e.g., links to publications, written testimonials, digital images) that will assist the selection committee in judging the nominee’s work.
  • The ITEEA Awards Committee Chairperson will be responsible for soliciting and collecting applications. The selection committee will consist of two representatives from the ITEEA Board, one representative each from the CTETE Executive Board (Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education), the ESC (Elementary STEM Council), and CSL (Council for Supervision and Leadership) Executive Committees; and (when possible) a prior recipient of the award. Selection will be by majority vote; when necessary, the ITEEA President will break a tie vote.

The recipient of the William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award will be announced at the annual ITEEA conference. The awardee will be notified in advance so that arrangements may be made for the recipient to receive the award in person at the conference.

Venue for Presentation

ITEEA's Annual Conference


The award recipient will receive a complementary ITEEA conference registration in the year the award is to be presented. Additionally, the awardee will receive a plaque and public recognition at the ITEEA annual conference. The winner will be part of an ITEEA Press Release following the conference.