Twenty-First Century Leadership Academy

Annual Activities

Overview of the Program Year

By December 31 – Application due.

January/February – Selected cohort members are notified and must confirm commitment.

March/April – Attend dinner meeting on Friday at the ITEEA Annual Conference to meet cohort members and introduce activities that will take place during the year.

April through September – Participate in virtual meetings (approximately monthly) on topics based on needs and preferences of cohort. Typical topics include:

  • keys to success as a technology and engineering educator
  • promotion and tenure
  • publishing
  • research funding
  • elementary STEM
  • collaboration with Science, Mathematics, and Engineering educators
  • service to the profession
  • international opportunities
  • other opportunities for advancement and leadership development.

October – Participate in the “DC Experience” from Sunday evening through Tuesday afternoon including:

  • visits to the National Science Foundation, Department of Education, and the National Center for Higher Education,
  • special presentations by ITEEA, ASEE, and National Academy of Engineering representatives and NSF program officers and policy development experts, and
  • visit to Capitol Hill and learn about ways to influence legislative policy and gain support for the field of technology and engineering education at the federal level.

November through February – Continue monthly virtual meetings; see above for sample topics.

March/April – Attend culminating activities at the ITEEA Annual Conference including:

  • participate in a leadership workshop on the afternoon of the day before the ITEEA Conference,
  • present a professional learning session and the STEM Showcase at the ITEEA Conference,
  • attend and be recognized at the ITEEA Spirit of Excellence breakfast, and
  • participate in ITEEA Council sessions and/or Committee work sessions, if appropriate.

Note: By the end of the program, all participants will prepare a 5-year plan for implementing their new knowledge, skills, and leadership experience within their professional lives and ITEEA.