Wade Goodridge, Ph.D.
Wade Goodridge
Utah State University

Wade Goodridge is an assistant professor in the department of Engineering Education at Utah State University. Wade’s background includes both an educational and engineering focus and he is currently engaged in Engineering Education research. Wade has taught technology education at Mountain Crest High School in Hyrum, Utah before developing an interest in engineering due to an advisory role he worked in with students. Wade then continued his education into Civil and Environmental Engineering while teaching at Utah State University as an adjunct instructor in the Engineering and Technology Education department. Upon completion of his engineering graduate work Wade became a principal lecturer at Utah State University’s Brigham City Regional Campus where he delivered pre-professional synchronous distance engineering courses to students across the state. Coursework included engineering electronics, solid modeling, engineering graphics, and introduction to engineering classes. The avenues this position opened in engineering education research then steered Wade to move to an assistant professor position at Utah State’s Logan Campus in the department of Engineering Education. Wade currently teaches Statics within this position to sophomore engineering students. Wade has received a Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Teacher Education as well as a Bachelors of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He earned both a Master’s of Science and PhD. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in hydraulic structures and sediment transport while doing much of his graduate work at the Utah Water Research Laboratory. Wade’s research spans hydraulic and sedimentation engineering concepts but is now more directed into visuospatial thinking, distance education, and learning transfer. Wade believes that Engineering curriculum can be improved and enhanced and spends much of his time outside of research developing improvements to his current courses. Wade is actively consulting within his engineering specialty for various private firms and governmental agencies and is a member of ITEEA, ASEE, ASCE, USSD, and ASDSO.