ITEEA 2021 Conference

July 29, 2020 AT 02:06 PM
Denver, CO


Where Technology and Engineering Education Come to Life!


The 2021 conference focuses on the way educators make technology and engineering education relevant for all. Educators use active learning, authentic assessments, collaboration, and put research into practice in order to help technology and engineering come to life!

Strand 1: Defining the role of technology and engineering in STEM education

Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL) provides the standards, practices, and contexts that define how all students can become technologically and engineering literate. Sessions in this strand should provide examples of technology and engineering education as an integrative subject.

Strand 2: Building partnerships to strengthen technology and engineering education

Education at all levels requires collaboration. Sessions in this strand should provide examples of how educators from varying disciplines and levels connect and partner to help technology and engineering education come to life.

Strand 3: Sharing technology and engineering education research and best practices

Technology and engineering education is based on research and best practices in adolescent development, curriculum, instructional methods, assessment, and content. Sessions in this strand should highlight how research and scholarship are used to identify and inform best practices.

Strand 4: Establishing career connections for all students

All careers involve varying levels of technology and engineering knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  Sessions in this strand should showcase strategies for bridging classroom practice and careers.

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