ITEEA 2021 Conference

EbD - Advanced Technological Applications: Soft Robotics as an Innovation in STEM Learning

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This hands-on session shares curriculum materials from our National Science Foundation funded research project, "Soft Robotics to Broaden the STEM Pipeline" that are now part of the Advanced Technology Applications EbD course. Specifically, this workshop will feature Unit 5 Robotics and we will engage in Learning Cycle 2: Soft Actuators. Learn about the motivation to bring soft robotics to the classroom and then how to successfully make a squishy robot to take these ideas to your own class! New this year, hear how the lessons went based on a teacher’s first-hand account.
Two experience options for participants:
  • Option 1 - Hands-on workshop style - The first 40 registrants prior to March 8 will have the option of receiving hands-on materials shipped to them prior to the workshop. All participants will be expected to provide scissors.
  • Option 2 - Presentation style - Participants without materials and those who prefer to see a presentation can still have the benefit of watching without actually designing and building.

Presented by: Nathan Mentzer, Professor Purdue University; Tonya Isabell; & Andrew Jackson

Free to registered conference attendees. Workshop registration is required.