ITEEA 2021 Conference

Council and PATT Programming

ESC logo with text.jpgElementary STEM Council

  • Powering STEM with Picture Books – Amara Alexander
  • Beyond Four Walls: Exploring Modeling and Simulation – Stacie King, Miranda Meadows Megan Tucker, Tiffany Miller
  • Integrating STEM in Elementary Classrooms with MEAs – Cathrine Maiorca and Thomas Roberts
  • Purposefully Planning STEM Lessons – Denise Post and Melissa Van Wingerden
  • STEM/STEAM Shaping “When I Grow Up” Dreams – Amy Tinnell and Roger Hill
  • Navigate with Nanobots! – Megan Tucker, Stacie Kling, Miranda Meadows
  • Literature-based STEM for Elementary Students – Ken Welty
  • Primary Tools for Hybrid Learning – Angie Kalthoff
  • Spatial Intelligence: An Undergraduate Research Project – Douglas Lecorchick, Matthew Woodard, Sarah Green
  • Building Solar Ovens with Elementary Scientists – Kimberly Clay
  • STEM Projects: How and When to Integrate – Amy Sokoll Bauer and Amanda Thomas


  • Mindful Approaches to Lab and Classroom Safety – Brian McAlister (General)
  • Impacting Student STEM Knowledge through Engineering Design – Jung Han and Todd Kelley (Research)
  • Cultural Value in STEM + Entrepreneurship? – Donovan Colquitt (General)
  • CTETE Accreditation Survey Results and Discussion – Paul Post (Research)
  • Manufacturing Week: Changing Student Career Perceptions? Greg Strimel and Sydney Servan (Research)
  • Marketing the Technological and Engineering Literacy Standards – Scott R. Bartholomew, Geoffrey Wright, Douglas Lecorchick, and Phil Reed (General)
  • Increasing Effectiveness of Student Groups – Andrew Hughes and Cameron Denson (Research)
  • Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Pre-service STEM Educators - Andrew Hughes (Research)
  • Effectiveness of Drafting Models for Technology Students – Petros Katsioloudis (General)
  • Achieving Engineering Literacy for All? – Greg Strimel (General)
  • Bringing Artificial Intelligence into the Technology Education Classroom – Euisuk Sung (General)
  • Machine Learning to Predict Undergraduate Student Persistence – Daniel Kelly, Jeremy Ernst, Aaron Clark (General)

CSL logoCSL/Administrator 

  • Excellence in STEM Education: Elementary School 
  • Excellence in STEM Education: Middle School 
  • Excellence in STEM Education: High School 
  • STEL Updates: Where Do We Go From Here? - Johnny J Moye and Gregory Kane
  • Policy, Legislation, and Perkins V National Update  - Michael Matthews
  • Administrator/Teacher: Best Practices and Planning for the Future When the Future is Unknown
  • Leadership for CSL/Virtua Tools and Lessons/Social-Emotional Issues/Online Ethics
  • EbD Highlights and Connections - Darcie Jones and Ryan Novitski



  • What Makes a Great Resume? - Manuel Figueroa 
  • Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research - Daphne Fauber
  • How Your Pedagogical Philosophy Can Land You a Job - Greg Strimel
  • Preparing for Your First Year of Teaching - Steve Shumway
  • Crash Course in Videography - Jacob Payne
  • TEECA National Board Improvement Roundtable - Daphne Fauber


 PATT LogoPATT/International

  • Learning the Concept of Design Briefs in Technology Education - Marc de Vries
  • Exploring the Influencing Factors of Secondary Teachers Implementing Robotics Education - Chih-Jung Ku and Kuen-Yi Lin
  • Secondary School Technology Teachers’ Perspectives on the Nature of Technology and Instructional Practice - Yu-Jen Sie
  • Model Development of Design Thinking-Based Team Problem Solving (DTbTPS) - Yuhyun Choi
  • PATT Roundtables