ITEEA 2022 Conference

Council and PATT/International Programming

ESC logo with text.jpgElementary STEM Council

  • Technology and Engineering Practices in Elementary STEM
  • Building Resiliency through STEM Education
  • Building and Beyond: Orthographic Architecture
  • Engaging Technology in the Classroom
  • Inhabit Mars: Virtual STEM for Elementary Students
  • Top Tech Tools that Support STEM Reflection
  • Navigate with Nanobots (STEAM Design Challenge)
  • CTE is Elementary
  • Implementing STELs in Elementary Classroom using MEAs
  • E3: Explore! Engage! Engineer! Collaborative "Speed Meet"
  • Clips: Engaging Students in Technological and Engineering Literacy

CSL logoCouncil for Supervision and Leadership

  • Reengineering the STEM Pipeline to Increase STEM Educator Diversity
  • STEL - Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Educator Collaboration Promoting STEM Literacy for Everyone
  • Equity in STEM: A Seat at the Table
  • “T & E in STEM” is Half the Story
  • Interdisciplinary Connections via Instructional Crosswalks, and Student Learning Mastery
  • Proper Integration of Engineering in the Classroom/Teaching Instructional Practice K-12
  • Panel: Embracing STEL to Support Technology and Engineering Programs (District to State Level). The Standards Have Changed. Are You Ready?
  • Networking Session for TEECA Students/Launching of New Mentorship Program (2)
  • How to Braid T&E Into Elementary Curriculum

CTETE logoCouncil on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education

Research Sessions:

  • Relating Content and Gender to Simulation Performance
  • STEMbot: Fostering Critical Thinking, Disciplinary Knowledge, and STEM Awareness
  • Early-Adolescent Career Awareness: Newly Developed Assessment Instrument
  • Development of "Creative Confidence Instrument" for Preservice Teachers
  • Collaborative Teaching in Integrated STEM
  • Synchronously Blending F2F and Remote Learners
  • Analysis of Holographic, 3D-Printed, and Computer-Generated models

Generalized Sessions:

  • Assessing 4th Grade Student Technological Attitudes and Literacy
  • An Integrative-STEM Water Treatment Design Challenge
  • Building a Community of Practice for Integrated STEM
  • Mentoring Both Faculty and Student: A Panel Discussion
  • Technology and Engineering Education: Around the World

CTETE Poster Sessions:

  • STEM Teachers for ESL Students (GK-12 Program)
  • Improving Engineering Persistence Through Active Learning Modules
  • STEMbot Open-Ended Design Based Biotechnical Learning
  • Place-based Education for STEM Classrooms
  • Gender, Technology Use, and STEM Motivation
  • Critical Thinking and Asking Why in STEM
  • Alliance for Supporting Underrepresented Minority STEM Doctoral Candidates

PATT logoInternational/PATT

  • #globalgoalschallenge: Making the World a :bit Better
  • Technology and Engineering in STEM: Myths and Realities
  • Preparing STEM Teachers through Summer Camp Activities
  • Peer Collaboration: Global Education
  • Views on the future of Technology Education in Belgium and the Netherlands 
  • STEMaker Education: Realizing integrative STEM in HK
  • International/PATT Roundtable (2)