ITEEA 2017 Conference

Engineered for Success: Robotics, Coding, and Your Classroom - Thursday

When students are immersed in STEM learning and understand how it affects their daily lives and futures, that’s when they really engage. Robotics offers a great tool for building initial STEM interest and sustaining enthusiasm as students are constantly challenged to solve real-world problems that require critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation. Join us for a hands-on workshop that highlights how to use TETRIX® Robotics to create a STEM-centric, project-based learning environment that meets ITEEA standards. Engineered to be simple and intuitive, the TETRIX MAX building system and brand-new, PRIZM controller enables robotic creations to come to life quickly and easily, meaning students can focus more on problem solving and applying STEM knowledge. Complete with tips and tricks for classroom implementation, this session teaches you how to take STEM learning through robotics to the next level.