ITEEA 2017 Conference

Turn-Key STEM/Engineering Program for Grades 6-12 - Thursday

WHITEBOX LEARNING is a standards-based, project-based, hands-on, STEM/Engineering curriculum and learning system that allows students to ENGINEER and SIMULATE their designs virtually, before building… Students can design and compete, from any browser, 24/7, all around the world... how cool is that?!  Gliders2.0, Prosthetics2.0, Dragster2.0, Structures2.0, GreenCar2.0, Rockets2.0, MousetrapCar2.0, Rover2.0, SurvivalShelter2.0, and KidWind 2.0.  Engage your students in the complete Engineering design process.  A fully-integrated LMS and teacher training is included.  Chromebook compatible.  Grades 6-12.