ITEEA 2018 Conference

STEM Strategies for the Elementary +Classroom


Children's Council STEM Workshop
Audience: K-5 Educators

Using problem-based learning and problem-solving strategies to address STEM topics with elementary students, this Children's Council Elementary STEM Workshop will enhance the teacher’s ability to ensure that elementary school children in Grades K-5 develop a practical understanding of how to use, create, control, and assess technology through the engineering design process. Ideas, lessons, and quick challenges will be provided for elementary teachers to instantly implement in their classrooms. Workshop participants will investigate why STEM literacy in Grades K-5 is essential to the elementary child’s success in an increasingly technologically dependent world. Participants will also engage in standards-based, hands-on, minds-on activities that demonstrate how to integrate children’s literature, science curriculum, and mathematics curriculum, and address technological literacy practices to create a well-rounded K-5 STEM classroom.
Presenters: Julie Sicks-Panus and Laura J Hummell
Limit: 35 participants
$50 – ticket required