ITEEA 2018 Conference

Introductory Systems and Control

8:00am–5:00pm (one-hour break for lunch – meal not included)

Introduction: Participate in a hands-on workshop resulting from the work of ITEEA colleagues in the US and Design and Technology Association (D&TA) colleagues in the UK. The workshop will involve cost-effective and age-appropriate activities utilizing programming, electronic/electrical technologies, fabrication processes, and many other concepts to solve authentic open-ended designed world problems. The activities are geared toward upper elementary and middle school students. These activities will provide the foundation for more advanced technological experiences that integrate, enhance and extend STEM knowledge, skills and applications. 

Features of the Workshop:

  • Use of Crumble and Teacher Geek materials for upper elementary and middle-school students,
  • Free, easy to use software installed on the laptop you provide,
  • A practical technological systems approach for teaching about electronics and micro controllers (ex. lights, switches, buzzers, motors, motion sensors, moisture sensors, fans, etc.)
  • Sample control problems with practical solutions ready for classroom implementation,
  • Use of age-appropriate design, engineering, and technology (DE&T) challenges to integrate STEM,
  • Preparing teachers to implement similar DE&T concepts in their school system.
  • Prepare teachers to create their own design challenges related to toys, mechanical devices, product design, textiles, biotechnology activities, and more!

Presenters: Bob Claymier; Tyler Love, Ph.D.; Kelly L. Schurr, Ph.D.; and Ron Todd, Ph.D.
$150 – ticket required