ITEEA 2018 Conference

PATT - Pupils Attitudes Toward Technology Sessions


PATT is an international community of technology education colleagues (researchers, teacher educators, teachers, etc.) who are interested in educational research as a support to developments in technology teaching. PATT is open to all. There is no membership requirement. PATT sessions at the ITEEA Annual Conference can be attended by all conference participants. Registration for PATT includes registration for the ITEEA Conference, the International Luncheon, and other special advantages.

The PATT/International Sessions at the 80th Annual ITEEA Conference are directly related to the theme of the overall conference. These sessions specifically aim to present and discuss papers (1) from a variety of countries and (2) with a research character. As such, the PATT sessions function as a research-oriented international subconference of the ITEEA Annual Conference. PATT sessions offer U.S. ITEEA members an opportunity to get an orientation of what goes on in the rest of the world in terms of technology education developments. For international participants, the International/PATT sessions offer a comfortable combination of an international meeting and the opportunity to see developments in the USA by also attending other ITEEA sessions. Proceedings of previous PATT/International conferences can be found here -​