GETEA/ITEEA 2018 Conference Registration

Preregistration Deadline - March 20, 2018

This special offer is available to GETEA Members only. If you teach in GA but are not a GETEA member please go to the GETEA website to become a member before registering. If you register with this form and are not a GETEA member, you will be asked to purchase GETEA membership when you pick up your badge at the registration desk.
Your GETEA/ITEEA 2018 registration includes GETEA Conference Registration, ITEEA Conference Registration, and a complimentary One-Year ITEEA Electronic Membership. If you are currently an ITEEA member, your membership will be extended by one year (electronic). If you prefer your journal delivered hard copy, you may upgrade your complimentary Professional Electronic membership to a Professional Print membership for an additional $30.00.
Your GETEA/ITEEA 2018 registration also includes two GETEA functions: the GETEA Preconference Opening Session with Continental Breakfast, and the GETEA Evening Social. There is no cost for these two functions but you must check the box on the form if you plan to attend.