ITEEA 2019 Conference

CSL I-STEM Education PreK-12 Sponsored Admin Strand


COMPLIMENTARY ADMINISTRATOR REGISTRATION - Administrators are invited to attend the ITEEA Annual Conference at NO COST. Administrator registrations are sponsored and FREE to the first 50 registrants! Please show your school ID to receive a sponsored, free registration to ITEEA's 81st Annual Conference. 

INVITE YOUR ADMINISTRATOR - Use this letter to invite your administrator to the ITEEA's 81st Annual Conference at NO REGISTRATION COST.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT LETTER - Give this letter to your administrator to gain support to attend ITEEA's 81st Annual Conference.

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s (ITEEA) STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ (STEM CTL™) and ITEEA's Council for Supervision and Leadership invite administrators to attend the 81st Annual Conference at NO REGISTRATION COST. Administrator registrations are sponsored and FREE to the first 50 registrants! Come and see what your teachers are learning and experiencing at our conference. But don’t stop there. ITEEA is offering a specifically designed Integrative STEM leadership strand for educational administrators. This is a unique opportunity to network, bring back knowledge and strategies to your school, and implement effective K-12 Integrative STEM Education instruction.

ITEEA’s 81st Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO is both a meeting and exhibition event where PreK-12 teachers, teacher educators, and supervisors come together to share ideas, net-work, and learn. Some of the 2019 highlights include:

  • New Engineering byDesign™ courses – Advanced Techno-logical Applications and Engineering for All – Water: The World in Crisis and Vertical Farms: Fresh Food for Cities (NGSS)
  • Research on the T&E of STEM – Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE)
  • Leadership in Technology and Engineering Education – Council for Supervision and Leadership (CSL)
  • I-STEM Education in Action – sessions that feature strategies and best practices of Integrative STEM Education
  • I-STEM Education Hands-on workshops
  • Integrative STEM Education Resources and Opportunities for your School or District

This conference is a unique opportunity for administrators to build understanding and support for programs—as well as to see firsthand how ITEEA’s member-educators Bring STEM to Life through Integrative STEM Education!