ITEEA 2020 Conference

Technology and Engineering Educators of Maryland (TEEAM) Programming

  • Bridge Building: Civil Engineering for Middle School (James Hemming) - Thursday, 8am
  • Providing Feedback Throughout the Design Process (Melvin Gill) - Thursday, 2pm
  • Hovercraft: Literacy through Design (James Hemming) - Thursday, 3pm
  • Advance your HS Engineering Program with Matlab (Angela Waldrop) - Friday, 8am
  • Increasing Integrated STEM through Real-World Environmental Engineering (Teresa Irish) - Friday, 1pm
  • Technical Writing: The Key to Unlocking 3-D Modeling (Eric McCray) - Friday 2pm
  • When Group Work Actually Works... Seriously! (Jennifer Manly) - Friday, 3pm
  • A Culturally Situated Experience using MATLAB  (Jamie Gurganus) - Friday, 4pm
  • PLAY: Bringing Technological Ethics Conversations to Life (Jennifer Manley) - Saturday, 8am
  • A 21st Century Classroom... Let's Manage It! (Jennifer Manly) - Saturday, 9am