ITEEA 2020 Conference

Technology and Engineering Educators Collegiate Association (TEECA)

TEECA Competitive Events Schedule – ITEEA Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD

March 11-14, 2020


Wednesday, 3:30pm-4:00pm: TEECA Management Board Meeting

Wednesday, 4:00pm-5:00pm: TEECA Advisors’ Meeting

Wednesday 8-8:30pm: TEECA Welcome Session

Wednesday, 8:30pm-10:00pm: Technology Challenge (Rooms 327-329)

Thursday, 8:00am-3:30pm: VEX Robotics (Exhibit Hall AB)

Thursday, 1:00pm-3:00pm: Transportation (Exhibit Hall AB)

Thursday, 3:30pm: Communication Submission 

Thursday, 4:00pm–5:30pm: Educational Display Contest (Integrated with STEM Showcase, designated area for TEECA students) (Exhibit Hall AB)

Thursday, 6:00pm-9:00pm: Manufacturing (Rooms 327-329)

Friday, 8:00am–11:00am: Teaching Lesson (Room 332)

Friday, 11:00am-12:30pm: Problem Solving (Exhibit Hall AB)

Friday, 6:00pm-8:00pm: TEECA Awards Dinner/Closing Ceremony