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STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ Safety Micro-Badging Professional Development Series

November 1, 2019

STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ Safety Micro-Badging Professional Development Series
Chemical Safety
: Fostering a culture of STEM lab chemical safety.

Micro-badging is a hot topic in education! These bite-sized visual representations provide clear evidence that learners have acquired a specific skill and are sought after by employers. Micro-badges are portable, easy to consume, and easy to trust.

The STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ announces a Safety micro-badging 10-hour professional development series. The series focuses on safety in the STEM classroom and consists of ten one-hour sessions on a variety of safety topics. Participants may register for any number of sessions, from one to ten. Click here to learn more: http://iteea.org/microbadge.aspx

2019-2020 Safety Micro-Badging Series

September 1, 2019: 
General Safety Topics in STEM Education: Examining the progress of safety in STEM education and reviewing ten recommendations for a safer school year.

October 1, 2019:  
Safer Lab Design and Maintenance: A well-maintained lab is a safer lab. Explore strategies to involve students in laboratory maintenance.

November 1, 2019: 
Chemical Safety: Fostering a culture of STEM lab chemical safety.

December 1, 2019: 
3-D Printing Safety: Can 3-D printers cause harm?

January 1, 2020: 
The Work Permit System; Safety in the Workplace (focus on workplace readiness): Holding students accountable for their actions.

February 1, 2020: 
Safety in the Robotics Lab: From drones to battle bots, students build the most ingenious things but, is safety a concern?

March 1, 2020: 
Handheld and Portable Tools: Enhancing technology and engineering in STEM classrooms; exploring safer tool usage.

April 1, 2020: 
Large Power Tools: EbD course safety videos, hand and power tool guidelines, and more!

May 1, 2020: 
Safer Makerspaces (focus on interdisciplinary considerations): Building in safer practices from the beginning.

June 1, 2020: 
Accident Reports! A blessing and a Curse. An introduction to liability for technology and engineering design teachers.