2022 Taiwan EdTech Product Catalogue-METAEDU welcome to download https://reurl.cc/p1Op5Z


2022 Taiwan EdTech Product Catalogue-METAEDU

welcome to download https://reurl.cc/p1Op5Z

2022 Taiwan EdTech Product Catalogue-METAEDU
Welcome to download at https://reurl.cc/p1Op5Z 


METAEDU is a center that is focused on learning technology and education industry development, and belongs to the Digital Education Institute (DEI), under the Institute for Information Industry (III). With the support of the government and the policy implementations, METAEDU cooperates with the industry, the public sector, the academic sector, and research institutes, thus achieves an education industry development through different directions and provides professional innovative services and assistances, including industrial innovation, business model innovation, international cooperation, equal rights of learning, industrial expansion, etc. The goal is to become an education innovation learning organization with future influential technology. (https://www.metaedu.org.tw/)


METAEDU has taken part in innovation education planning and promoting public policies related to information industry. It has contributed to the STEAM pioneer education research and development in information and communication technology, the deepening and broadening of information applications, the training and education of talents in this field and the participation in building infrastructure for national information technology. (https://www.facebook.com/IIIEDU.ILC/)


The vision of our program is to establish "Taiwan EdTech Industry" as an International Brand. Our mission focuses on the development of education technology and industry. We have cooperated more than 100 partners in the field of EdTech companies, experts, schools, education institutes and research organizations globally. We provide and host physical events and live broadcasts monthly to increase competence for educators and learners alike to acquire new knowledge in computational thinking, STEAM education, hands-on practices, and diversified EdTech hardware and software products.


We also organize industry matchmaking events for businesses, schools and government locally and globally to exchange education topics and create business opportunities to provide the most complete education e-commerce operation platform in the world. We can expand solutions and application services that meet the needs of "teaching and learning” to drive the digital transformation in the education sector. METAEDU have successfully expanded its international network through conducting activities such as seminars and STEAM workshops that has led Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines to integrate smart classroom solutions. Our team have also trained more than 50,000 teachers and students spread across 38 countries and 50 schools to expand business and collaboration opportunities in the International education market.


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