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The Master's Program is designed for professionals who wish to develop their instructional competencies in fields related to technology, engineering, and design education and for those who wish to be supervisors and administrators of technology education programs. We offer a Master of Science and a Master of Education in Technology Education. The Master of Education is now a Distance Education Program. The Programs are structured so students can: Analyze significant technological developments and assess the impact of these developments on technological change, technology education, and the students in North Carolina. Develop and implement technology-based instructional programs and apply research methods which aid in improving the practice of technology education. Explore their interests through specialized study in an approved minor. The intent of the Technology Education Master's degree is to elevate the knowledge and skills of students for the purpose of increasing their career opportunities in education and related professions. Students complete a Plan of Graduate Work with their graduate advisory committee which outlines the core and elective courses while pursuing graduate study. Professional options in graduate study include: Master teacher Local vocational education administrator State consultant Business/industry trainer Positions in government There are two types of Master's degrees both of which require a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit beyond the bachelor's. First, is the Master's of Education degree that does not require a thesis and is offered only as an online option, and the second is the Master's of Science which does require a six semester-hour thesis. Admission to the Master's Program Applicants must complete a graduate school application with the following supporting evidence: at least a 3.0 grade point average on previous graduate work or undergraduate major, three professional references, an outline of their career goals, and recent (within the past five years) test scores from the Graduate Record Exam for the MS degree only; no GRE is required for the MEd.