Douglas Lecorchick
Dr. Douglas Lecorchick
Berea College CPO 2188 Berea KY 40404 US Phone(859) 985-3033
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Dr. Douglas Lecorchick III is currently a Teaching Assistant Professor within the College of Education at North Carolina State University. This is also where Douglas earned a Doctorate of Education in 2017 with a research focus of the engineering design process and problem formulation navigation of high school students. Previously, Douglas was a STEM Education Specialist for Lee County School District in Sanford, North Carolina. During his three years with Lee County School District, Douglas redesigned the drafting course trajectory of Southern Lee High School’s Academy of Engineering resulting in the school districts first ever industry certifications in AutoCAD, Inventor, and SOLIDWORKS. North Carolina Department of Instruction has recently published an engineering problem solving unit Douglas wrote for the Teachers@Work initiative through Caterpillar Inc. Douglas also started Lee County’s first Technology Student Association (TSA) chapter for two of the three middle schools within the district. Most excitingly is the 5th Grade Academic & Intellectually Gifted STEM Club Douglas created which brings over 70 gifted 5th grade students together monthly for unique STEM challenges facilitated by high school students which was featured in INSPIRE magazine in October, 2017 (Issue 152). Douglas has presented at international education conferences in Liaoning and Beijing, China and Bogota, Colombia; hosted professional development workshops for ESSDACK in Hutchinson, Kansas; and is currently a part of designing a STEAM elementary school to be opened in Lee County, North Carolina in 2019. For the past 18 years Douglas has traveled throughout America and to various countries including Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, China, and Thailand to speak for a non-profit motivational and self-improvement organization.