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37110 Charles Town Pike Hillsboro VA 20132 US
Phone 1(540) 751-2560
Founded 2016 Employees 1 to 25
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Megan Tucker STEAM Specialist PhoneUS(+1)540-751-2560
Beth Fuller Art Teacher
Julie Epstein School Counselor
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Hillsboro Charter Academy (HCA) is a newly-established Loudoun County Public Charter School. HCA is an autonomous school, run by educators who make decisions at the school level. The school currently serves approximately 135 students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5. The mission of HCA is to incorporate an innovative curriculum focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) education and true project based learning (E-3) that helps each child to develop and grow. HCA’s approach is designed to promote critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity – the skills that are essential to achieving the very best 21st Century education through elementary school and beyond into college and career. Each day at HCA begins with a Morning Meeting. The Morning Meeting is an assembly of the entire student body and the faculty and staff. At this meeting, a few exceptional things happen: • Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a Minute of Silence • Reciting the WISE Owl Promise to encourage and reinforce positive behavior • Sharing “Good News” to promote a culture that celebrates together • Practicing Deep Breathing to facilitate focus for the day The rest of the morning at HCA resembles what you would see at any traditional Loudoun County Public School (LCPS) elementary school with a few key differentiating factors: • Enrichment Push-In for All: Students in every grade level receive two hours of mathematics and reading enrichment per week delivered by a Gifted Specialist using skill-based lessons • In-House Gifted Program o Identified students receive Gifted Services during the SOAR program that takes place twice a week o STEAM Stars, which is an exploratory STEAM session with a Gifted Specialist, is awarded to eligible Students of the Week on Fridays After lunch, HCA transforms into a unique learning environment where students (called scholars at HCA) are challenged to use higher-order thinking skills through the incorporation of STEAM into their daily experience. Students engage in authentic, hands-on, engineering and creative arts-based projects that result in learning and exploration. During the afternoon at HCA amazing things happen, that include: • STEAM; Studio time in Music and Art; Character Education; Library; Physical and Health Education with highly-qualified specialists o Affording classroom teachers common cross-grade planning time to facilitate a coordinated, whole school approach to curriculum implementation • Recurring Project-Based Learning/Problem-Based Learning experiences. We call this our “E-3” time (Explore, Engage, Engineer)—a true manifestation of DAILY project-based learning. • Co-Teaching between classroom teachers and specialists on a regular basis in each grade HCA provides each scholar with a rigorous, research-based 21st Century academic program delivered by a passionate, highly-qualified teaching staff using the most innovative methods to meet the unique needs of each child in the student body. We welcome you to come experience HCA and help us in our mission of cultivating a love for learning for generations to come. Charter schools are public schools in all respects. Charter schools must comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations. They must be open to all members of the community and be tuition free. Charter schools are granted autonomy from their authorizers (typically the Local Education Agency, or LEA, or State Education Agency, or SEA) in exchange for accountability. Typically, a group of individuals (Charter School Developers) conceive an idea for a new school, develop and submit a plan, and apply to an authorizer via a Charter School Petition. Upon approval, a Charter or Charter Contract is created that outlines the goals of the charter school and the associated outcomes that must be demonstrated in order for the charter school to remain operational. For more information contact Megan.Tucker@HillsboroCharter.org or visit https://www.lcps.org/hillsboro