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770 N Raddant Rd Batavia Il 60510 US
Phone 1(800) 452-1261 x5022
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Tom Trapp National Accounts Consultant - STEM & Safety Solutions
Matt McDonnell VP of Marketing
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“STEM 2.0” – As the world’s only “Integrated-STEM” Learning system, WHITEBOX LEARNING is a complete standards-based applied STEM learning system that allows students to build, analyze, and simulate their designs virtually, hundreds of times before building their physical models. Our STEM Applications include Flight2.0, Structures2.0, Green Car2.0, Dragster2.0, and Rockets2.0. Students can compete virtually, from any browser, 24/7, all around the world...how cool is that?!

Product Category
  • Aeronautics
  • Computer Hardware/ Software
  • Construction Kits
  • Design Materials
  • Electricity/Electronics
  • Energy
  • Engineering Materials
  • Environment
  • Graphics
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Physics
  • Robotics
  • Science Materials
  • Solar Energy
  • Technology Education
  • Trainers/ Simulators
  • Transportation
  • Video Analysis & Modeling